Mikala Hansbøl – Project Manager
IT University of Copenhagen –  Special consultant, Learning Support and Center for Computing Education Research (CCER)

I am the project manager of Teknosofikum. I am employed at the ITU Team Learning Support as a special consultant, and with a reference to the Center for Computing Education Research (CCER). I hold a master’s in communication studies and psychology, and a PhD in educational research. My main research areas are educational technology and technology education. My special interest in Teknosofikum is related to the development of an interdisciplinary approach to conceptualizing higher education (HE) teacher professional technology education.

Magda Pischetola – Postdoc
IT University of Copenhagen – Institute for Computer Science, Center for Computing Education Research (CCER)

I am Postdoctoral researcher at ITU, Department of Computer Science, and member of the Center for Computing Education Research (CCER). I hold a MA in Media Studies and a PhD in Education. My research focuses on sociomaterial and STS theories in computing education. For Teknosofikum, I am coordinating the design-based research activities and studying the concepts related to the field of technology education, with focus on higher education teachers’ professional development.

Photograph by Søren Kjeldgaard

Claus Brabrand – Project Group
IT University of Copenhagen – Associate professor, Department for Computer Science and head of Center for Computing Education Research – CCER

I have a background in computing (Programming Languages) and education and now works with computing education.
I am interested in understanding the nature of digital competences, how to best teach & learn digital competences, and how to teach & apply digital competences in other disciplines (beyond Computer Science).

Annelise Agertoft – Project Group
IT University of Copenhagen – Head of team Learning Support

I am Team leader of Learning Support at ITU. I hold a MA in Danish and Italian Literature and Language and a Master in IT & Learning. I am Programme responsible for the Teacher Development Programme at ITU. My interest in Teknosofikum is related to blended learning in general and how the project can connect to ITU’s teacher development.

Morten Myrup Jensen – Project Group
The Royal Danish Academy –  Assistant professor at Institute for Architecture and Design

My professional field is architecture and teaching of digital drawing skills. 10 years at the Royal Academy running courses in digital representation of architecture, 3D modelling for sketching, visualizing lighting and materials. In recent years also 3d scanning and computer aided manufacturing for design and craft students. I have assisted with papers in the fields of Building Information Modelling, point cloud 3D scanning and Virtual Reality with EEG reading. In my practice I design housing and educational facilities.

Sebastian Schwemer – Project Group
University of Copenhagen – Associate professor at Centre for Information and Innovation Law – CIIR

I am Associate Professor at the Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR) at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Law. My research interests are around the regulation of and by technology (including topics such as algorithmic governance and enforcement, Internet Governance and platform regulation). My interest in Teknosofikum is to increase the understanding for digitalization in legal education and society at large.

Jonas Leonas – Project Group
Design School Kolding Denmark – Teaching assistant professor, Hacker Lab and DigiHub

I am a teaching assistant professor as well as “Technology and XR workshop” manager at Design School Kolding Denmark. I hold MSc in IT Product Design from SDU. I am teaching Interaction Design courses and organizing workshop activities with focus is human-computer interaction, user experience and user studies in the context of interactive product development.

Line Gad Christiansen – Project Group
Design School Kolding Denmark – Phd-student Design for Play – Lab for design and play

I am a PhD-fellow at Designschool Kolding, under the lab “Design for Play”. I have a background in Interaction Design aimed at children and technology, and the PhD I am doing, surrounds understanding play-experiences for young people through design. Besides the PhD I work in Play User Lab, where companies are trained in including children in their design-process rather than designing for children and I teach teachers from high school in designfacilitation. My part in Teknosofikum will be based on my knowledge about technology and teaching.

Lone Malmborg – Steering Group
IT University of Copenhagen – Associate professor and head of department Digital Design

I am head of Digital Design Department at ITU. I hold a MSc in Computer Science and in Danish Literature and Language, and a PhD in Computer Science / Informatics. My research focuses on interaction design and welfare technology, and more specifically design related to social aspects of ageing. My interest in Teknosofikum is related to a general interest in digital participation based on increasing digital competencies in education and society.

Kristian Cedervall Lauta – Steering Group
University of Copenhagen – Associate Dean for Education

I am Associate Dean for Education and Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.  As such, I am responsible for the Faculty’s overall educational strategy, including on digitalization. My own research regards law and disasters, climate and sustainability. My interest in Teknosofikum is driven by digitalization’s ongoing transformation of the legal profession, and the following need to boost our present teaching staff’s and students’ knowledge and skills.

Martin Sønderlev Christensen – Steering Group
The Royal Danish Academy – Head of institute Visual Design

I have a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from the IT University of Copenhagen and have over a decade of industry experience particularly working with design driven and transformation through digital product and service innovation. I am currently head of the Institute of Visual Design at The Royal Danish Academy – encompassing visual communication, graphical design, digital design, interaction design to game and media design, as well as, a focus on design research and methodologies for strategic change and leadership. I am also a board member of CIRRUS – network of the Nordic and Baltic design institutions.