About Teknosofikum

During 2020-2023 we develop a ground-breaking research-based online concept and course on technology education for Higher Education (HE) teachers in Denmark. We call this Teknosofikum.

Nationally and internationally, across the educational system, technology education (i.e. technology comprehension, computational empowerment, informatics, technological imagination – the baby has many names) is increasingly becoming acknowledged as central for all students.

This calls for skilled teachers that are prepared to engage in these matters in their teaching activities also in HE.


“…understanding, using and dealing with digital technologies is no longer just a task for IT specialists…. everyone must be able to decode and understand digital technologies and be critical of them and the new personal and ethical considerations that technologies bring with them in each subject, whether in the profession of nursing, law or design.” (UFM, 2019, p. 5)

An interdisciplinary project

Teknosofikum is an interdisciplinary project lead by IT University of Copenhagen in collaboration with Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, ConservationDesign School Kolding, and University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law 

Together with the four partner institutions, the project will create a first step in formulating technology education as an aspect of academic bildung in HE in Denmark.


Tegnesal” The Danish Royal Academy – Photographer Nana Reimers 

Design School Kolding – Photographer Palle Skov 

Through knowledge, practices, scenarios and cases from the disciplines of design, IT and law, Teknosofikum is aiming to foster greater understanding of the transformations that digitalization entails for society and for the field of work for which HE teachers themselves educate students. 

Furthermore, Teknosofikum aspires to foster HE teachers’ knowledge of and ability to handle various relevant forms of knowledge, organization, techniques and digital tools, and can bring them into play in relevant ways in their teaching activities, with a focus on scaffolding HE students’ technology education in relation to the subject they are teaching. 

“…technological imagination… [is] a character of mind and creative practice of those who use, analyse, design and develop technologies…. This is the quality of mind that enables people to think with technology, to transform what is known into what is possible, and to evaluate the consequences of such creation from multiple perspectives” (Balsamo, 2005)


Funded by Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Teknosofikum (2020-2023) is a design-based research and development project funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (UFM).  

Teknosofikum is a part of the national action plan in HE “Digital Competences and Digital Learning” (UFM, 2019), and related to the new (UFM, 2019) job structure for academic staff in universities emphasizing research based teaching and knowledge dissemination and continuous development of pedagogical-didactic competencies to ensure qualified teaching.